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LL-LF-GR-20 Jeweled Flower Magnet: Lime GreenLL-LF-GR-20 Jeweled Flower Magnet: Lime GreenThis Magnetic Lime Green Flower will add a little zip to your home, school and office decorating.
LL-LF-PK-22 Jeweled Flower Magnet: PinkLL-LF-PK-22 Jeweled Flower Magnet: PinkThis beautiful Pink Magnetic Flower will add that special touch to your school, home or office.
LL-LF-PU-26 Jeweled Flower Magnet: PurpleLL-LF-PU-26 Jeweled Flower Magnet: PurpleWow, is what everyone will say when they see this beautiful Magnetic Purple Flower.
LL-LLS1000 Pink w White Pattern PaperLL-LLS1000 Pink w White Pattern PaperShe will love this Pink Chevron Wallpaper. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
LL-LLS1001 Green Stripe PaperLL-LLS1001 Green Stripe PaperA fun locker Wallpaper with Green Stripes.
LL-LLS1002 White w Blue Dot PaperLL-LLS1002  White w Blue Dot PaperThe perfect Wallpaper for her school locker.
LL-LLS1003 Purple w White Scroll PaperLL-LLS1003  Purple w White Scroll PaperEveryone will love this purple Locker Wallpaper.
LL-LLS1004 Black w Aqua Filligree PaperLL-LLS1004 Black w Aqua Filligree PaperA dramatic look for a school locker. 
LL-LLS1005 Leopard PaperLL-LLS1005 Leopard PaperA great look for the pur-r-r-rfect "diva" look. 
LL-LLS1006 Black Zebra PaperLL-LLS1006 Black Zebra PaperEveryone loves the black and white Zebra print. 
LL-LLS1016 Black w White Dot BinLL-LLS1016 Black w White Dot BinPerfect for the sophisticated young lady.
LL-LLS1017 Black Zebra BinLL-LLS1017 Black Zebra BinEveryone loves the black and white Zebra bin. 
LL-LLS1019 Leopard BinLL-LLS1019 Leopard BinThe perfect bin for the animal lover. 
LL-LLS1021 Green FlowerLL-LLS1021 Green FlowerEveryone needs a flower in their locker.
LL-LLS1023 Purple FlowerLL-LLS1023 Purple FlowerShe will love this Purple Peony Flower.
LL-LLS1039 Black Zebra MirrorLL-LLS1039 Black Zebra MirrorA great locker mirror for all the Zebra lovers. 
LL-LLS1040 Leopard MirrorLL-LLS1040 Leopard MirrorThe perfect mirror for the animal lover. 
LL-LLS1053 Pink Battery Operated Hanging Lamp w Motion DetetorLL-LLS1053 Pink Battery Operated Hanging Lamp w Motion DetetorShe will love this Pink Chandelier. 
LL-LW-GRD-13 Locker Wallpaper w/20 Magnets: Green Dots on White BackgroundLL-LW-GRD-13 Locker Wallpaper w/20 Magnets: Green Dots on White BackgroundThis fun looking Locker will brighten her day!

LL-LW-PKD-32 Locker Wallpaper w/20 Magnets: Pink Polka Dots on White BackgroundLL-LW-PKD-32 Locker Wallpaper w/20 Magnets: Pink Polka Dots on White BackgroundPretty as can be with this pink polka dot Locker.

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