Nap Mats

These Nap Mats from Wildkin are machine washable.  The pillow can be removed and the blanket is lined with soft cotton.  They showcase the preschoolers interest with the many fabric designs to choose from, i.e. ballet, soccer, horses, etc.  Most of the fabric designs can be co-ordinated with other products for a great look!

Willdkin Nap Mats

Willdkin Nap Mats

WK28007 Princess Nap MatWK28007 Princess Nap MatSweet dreams little Princess!
WK28020 Horses in Pink Nap MatWK28020 Horses in Pink Nap MatShe dreams of riding horses!
WK28023 Fairies Nap MatWK28023 Fairies Nap MatShe will love this pink Fairy Nap Mat. 
WK28077 Olive Kids Out of This World Nap MatWK28077 Olive Kids Out of This World Nap MatLet's take a trip around the earth.
WK28079 Olive Kids Trains, Planes and Boats Nap MatWK28079 Olive Kids Trains, Planes and Boats Nap MatWe can travel by train, plane and boat.
WK28080 Olive Kids Wild Animals Nap MatWK28080 Olive Kids Wild Animals Nap MatA fun adventure with wild animals.
WK28081 Olive Kids Mermaids Nap MatWK28081 Olive Kids Mermaids Nap MatLets swim with the Mermaids!
WK28085 Big Dots - Pink Nap MatWK28085 Big Dots - Pink Nap MatA fun way to wake-up surrounded by big pink dots.
WK28088 Camouflage Nap MatWK28088 Camouflage Nap MatCan you see me in my Camouflage Nap Mat?
WK28110 Olive Kids Under Construction Nap MatWK28110 Olive Kids Under Construction Nap MatNow he can dream about all those construction vehicles.
WK28111 Olive Kids Heroes Nap MatWK28111 Olive Kids Heroes Nap MatThe perfect Nap Mat to share with his "heroes".
WK28112 Olive Kids Robots Nap MatWK28112 Olive Kids Robots Nap MatEveryone wants to be a robot.
WK28114 Majestic Nap MatWK28114 Majestic Nap MatShe will feel like a princess when she naps in this Nap Mat.
WK28119 Big Dots Aqua Nap MatWK28119 Big Dots Aqua Nap MatEveryone will want this colorful Nap Mat.
Wk28210 Paisley Nap MatWk28210 Paisley Nap MatA pretty pink Paisly Nap Mat.
WK28211 Owls Nap MatWK28211 Owls Nap MatWh-o-o wants to go to sleep first?
WK28212 Peace Signs Purple Nap MatWK28212 Peace Signs Purple Nap MatBeautifully color designed Purple Peace Signs.
WK28213 Blue Camo Nap MatWK28213 Blue Camo Nap MatBlue Camo color for the water and the sky.
WK28311 Watercolor Ponies Purple Nap MatWK28311 Watercolor Ponies Purple Nap MatFor the Purple Pony lover.
WK28312 Spring Bloom Nap MatWK28312 Spring Bloom Nap MatA great Nap Mat for the outdoor lover.
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