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These beautiful yet practical backpacks and insulated lunch boxes are just the right size for young children.  They are constructed of durable high-quality materials and have been designed to keep active kids organized and ready to go!  Some designs have a matching drink bottle, sandwich & snack containers, ice pack and insulated food thermos lined with stainless steel.  They meet and exceed all U.S. safety standards.

CR1018 Ballerina BackpackCR1018 Ballerina BackpackYour little ballerina will twirl with delight when she wears this backpack. ****Recommended for 3 yrs and up.****
CR1302 Firetruck Food ThermosCR1302 Firetruck Food ThermosThe perfect container for hot and cold foods. ****Recommended for ages 3 yrs and up****
CR4027-6 Alien Double Decker Lunch BoxCR4027-6 Alien Double Decker Lunch BoxHe will find his lunch bag with the glow in the dark eye.  ****Recommended for 3yrs and up****
CR4028-4 Fairy Lunch BoxCR4028-4 Fairy Lunch BoxShe will flutter her wings during lunch time.  ****Recommended for 3yrs and up**** 
CR4028-5 Owl Double Decker Lunch BoxCR4028-5 Owl Double Decker Lunch BoxWho-o-o loves lunch time?  ****Recommended for 3yrs and up**** 
CR4100-2 48pc Ice Cream Truck - Vehicle PuzzleCR4100-2 48pc Ice Cream Truck - Vehicle PuzzleEveryone loves Ice Cream!  ****Recommended for 4yrs and up****
CR4100-3 48pc Dump Truck - Vehicle PuzzleCR4100-3 48pc Dump Truck - Vehicle PuzzleThis Dump Truck is full of puzzle pieces.  ****Recommended for 4yrs and up****
CR4100-4 48pc Race Car - Vehicle PuzzleCR4100-4 48pc Race Car - Vehicle PuzzleHe will race to finish his puzzle.  ****Recommended for 4yrs and up****
CR4100-8 48pc Locomotive - Vehicle PuzzleCR4100-8 48pc Locomotive - Vehicle PuzzleToot-toot here comes a puzzle/train.   ****Recommended for 4yrs and up****   
CR4411-8 Ladybug Pocket Lunch BoxCR4411-8 Ladybug Pocket Lunch BoxYour little Lady Bug will love this Lunch Box.  ****Recommended for 3 yrs and up****
CR4412-4 Solar System Revised Lunch BoxCR4412-4 Solar System Revised Lunch BoxThe perfect Lunch Box for your little Astronaut. ****Recommended for 3yrs and up****  
CR4641-9 Alien BackpackCR4641-9 Alien BackpackHe will love his GLOW IN THE DARK backpack.  ****Recommended for 3yrs and up****  
CR4642-1 Owl BackpackCR4642-1 Owl BackpackWHO loves this backpack?  ****Recommended for 3yrs and up**** 
CR4642-3 Vehicles BackpackCR4642-3 Vehicles BackpackHe will z-o-o-m around wearing this backpack.   ****Recommended for 3yrs and up**** 
CR4642-6 Ladybug BackpackCR4642-6 Ladybug BackpackThis little Lady Bug Backpack is sure to make her smile.  ****Recommended for 3 yrs and up****
CR4644 Firetruck BackpackCR4644 Firetruck BackpackThis backpack is perfect for the young fireman in your life. ****Recommended for 3 yrs. and up.****

CR4647-4 Solar System Revised BackpackCR4647-4 Solar System Revised BackpackHe will fly to the moon wearing this backpack.  ****Recommended for 3 yrs and up**** 
CR4647-7 Backpack - T - RexCR4647-7 Backpack - T - RexHe will roar with delight when he wears this backpack.  ****Recommended for 3yrs and up****
CR4657-3 System System Original BackpackCR4657-3 System System Original BackpackYour little astronaut will fly to the moon with this backpack.  ****Recommended for 3 yrs and up****
CR6511-2 Fire Truck Sandwich/Snack KeeperCR6511-2 Fire Truck Sandwich/Snack KeeperThe best way to keep those declicate food items from being squashed.  ****Recommended for ages 3 years and up****
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