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These soft plush, whimsical bags with floppy legs are perfect for sleep overs or visits to the grandparents.  They are machine washable in cool water.  The plush pull-a-long animal face suitcases and vinyl animals pull-a-longs (with matching lunch bags) can also be used as backpacks.  They can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.  Both designs have interior zipper pockets to hold those "important" things little ones need.  This line meets all U.S. safety standards.

SA3520DK Duck Animal Pull-Along BackpackSA3520DK Duck Animal Pull-Along BackpackEveryone will quack with delight when they see this adorable Pull-Along Backpack.
SA3520FG Frog Animal Pull-Along BackpackSA3520FG Frog Animal Pull-Along BackpackA great Pull-Along Backpack for your little tadpoles. 
SA3520LB Lady Bug Animal Pull-Along BackpackSA3520LB Lady Bug Animal Pull-Along BackpackThis little ladybug Pull-Along Backpack is sure to bring a smile. 
SA3520PN Penguin Animal Pull-Along BackpackSA3520PN Penguin Animal Pull-Along BackpackThis little Penguin Pull-Along Backpack will go everywhere.
SA3521DK Duck Animal Lunch BagSA3521DK Duck Animal Lunch BagThis little Duck Lunch Bag is sure to be a hit!
SA3521FG Frog Animal Lunch BagSA3521FG Frog Animal Lunch BagA great Frog Lunch Bag for your little puddle jumper. 
SA3521LB Lady Bug Animal Lunch BagSA3521LB Lady Bug Animal Lunch BagThe perfect Ladybug Lunch Bag for your little lady. 
SA3521PN Penguin Animal Lunch BagSA3521PN Penguin Animal Lunch BagYour little one will dance with delight carrying this Penguin Lunch Bag. 
SA3530CT Meow (Cat) Sleepwalkers Overnight BagSA3530CT Meow (Cat) Sleepwalkers Overnight BagThe perfect bag to take to Grandmother's house. ****LIMITED EDITION****
SA3530EL Ellie (elephant) Sleepwalkers Overnight BagSA3530EL Ellie (elephant) Sleepwalkers Overnight BagThis adorable overnight bag has 4 floppy legs and 2 handles for easy carrying.  ****LIMITED EDITION****
SA3532HS Scout (horse) Overnighter BagSA3532HS Scout (horse) Overnighter BagA fun kids travel bag.  ****LIMITED EDITION****
SA3545MR Seafriends Mermaid Soft BagSA3545MR Seafriends Mermaid Soft BagThe perfect overnight bag for all those precious Mermaids in your life!
SA3555BA Dance Bag BallerinaSA3555BA Dance Bag BallerinaThe perfect little dance bag for your little ballerina.  ****Recommended for 3yrs and up****
SA3555PR Dance Bag PrincessSA3555PR Dance Bag PrincessA great little dance bag for your little Princess.  ****Recommended for 3yrs and up****
SA3570DR Dragon Magical BagSA3570DR Dragon Magical BagThis magical bag is sure to be an overnight hit with your friends!  ****LIMITED QUANTITY****
SA3570FP Fairy Princess Magical BagSA3570FP Fairy Princess Magical BagEvery little Princess needs her own overnight bag!  ****LIMITED QUANTITY****
SA3575AL Kiddy Bop Alien BagSA3575AL Kiddy Bop Alien BagThis little Alien will go everywhere with you.  ****Recommended for 3yrs and up****
SA3575DI Kiddy Bop Dinosaur BagSA3575DI Kiddy Bop Dinosaur BagEveryone wants a Dinosaur for a friend.  ****Recommended for 3yrs and up****
SA3575MR Kiddy Bop Mermaid BagSA3575MR Kiddy Bop Mermaid BagThe perfect bag for your little Mermaid.  ****Recommended for 3yrs and up****
SA3575PR Kiddy Bop Princess BagSA3575PR Kiddy Bop Princess BagA great overnight bag for your Princess.  ****Recommended for 3yrs and up****
SA3590CT Cuddle Pack CatSA3590CT Cuddle Pack CatShe will love carrying this adorable pink kitty backpack on her outings.  ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2016****
SA3590DG Cuddle Pack DogSA3590DG Cuddle Pack DogThis little puppy backpack is a fun friend to take to school.  ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2016****
SA3590FG Cuddle Pack FrogSA3590FG Cuddle Pack FrogThis little green frog backpack is sure to make him smile.
SA3590OW Cuddle Pack OwlSA3590OW Cuddle Pack OwlA fun backpack to carry everywhere.
SA3760DI  Chalk It Up! DinosaurSA3760DI Chalk It Up! DinosaurNEW for 2013!  Everyone wants a dinosaur in their room.
SA3760OW  Owl BlackboardSA3760OW Owl BlackboardNEW for 2013!  Who-o-o are you?
SA3760RB Chalk It Up! RobotSA3760RB Chalk It Up! RobotNEW for 2013!  A great robot for a special friend.

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