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These soft plush, character shaped backpacks and duffle bags with 3-D detail are sure to delight the young child.  A storybook hang tag is attached to each piece and the name of the animal character is embroidered on each bag.   A zipper runs across the top of each fully lined bag making it easy for little hands to use.  They are machine washable and meet U.S. safety regulations.

OP QS1206 Purrrdy Penny ( Cat ) Snuggle DuffleOP QS1206 Purrrdy Penny ( Cat ) Snuggle DuffleShe can carry her kitty duffel bag with her on all her outings.
OP QS1207 Chauncy Chompers (Alligator) Snuggle DuffleOP QS1207 Chauncy Chompers (Alligator) Snuggle DuffleA crazy, fun duffel bag to carry on all his adventures. 
OP QS13006 Snuggle Duffle - Deputy DaveOP QS13006 Snuggle Duffle - Deputy Dave"Deputy Dave" is the perfect bag travel bag. 
OP QS1501 Bull DozerOP QS1501 Bull DozerThis Bull Dozer Backpack is sure to be a winner! 
OP QS1502 Power TractorOP QS1502 Power TractorYour little one will love wearing this Power Tractor Backpack.
OP QW1401 Race Car BackpackOP QW1401 Race Car BackpackHe will zoom around wearing this backpack. 
OP QW1402 Monster Truck BackpackOP QW1402 Monster Truck BackpackHe will tear around town wearing this Truck Backpack.
OP QW1403 Fire Truck BackpackOP QW1403 Fire Truck BackpackThe perfect Backpack for your little Fireman.
OP-QS1006 Busy Bug (Lady Bug) Snuggle DuffleOP-QS1006 Busy Bug (Lady Bug) Snuggle DuffleA great lady bug duffel bag to travel with.
OP-QS1201 Bolt-Bot (Robot) BackpackOP-QS1201 Bolt-Bot (Robot) BackpackHe will love carrying this robot backpack.
OP-QS821 Molly Snurtle (turtle) Snuggle BagOP-QS821 Molly Snurtle (turtle) Snuggle BagThis little bag is perfect for the purple lover in your family. 
OP1001 Tippy Toad (frog) Snuggle BagOP1001 Tippy Toad (frog) Snuggle BagThis fun duffel bag is perfect for your little ballerina princess.

OP1003 Mary Mare (pink horse) Snuggle DuffelOP1003 Mary Mare (pink horse) Snuggle DuffelThis little duffel bag will gallop into many adventures. 
OP1005 Sully Saurus (dinosaur) Snuggle DuffelOP1005 Sully Saurus (dinosaur) Snuggle DuffelLook at the adventures that await your little one with this whimsical bag! 
OP1010 Harry Hoofs (brown horse) BackpackOP1010 Harry Hoofs (brown horse) BackpackAway they will gallop with this fun backpack!
OP1013 Tippy Toad (frog) BackpackOP1013 Tippy Toad (frog) BackpackThis little backpack is perfect for your little ballerina princess. 

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