Rain Gear

Sometimes it is hard to feel enthusiastic about starting the day when it is rainy outside. 
But she will tip-toe through the rain in her BALLERINA RAINCOAT, Ki - 00100,  while
he will sail through in his PIRATE RAINCOAT, Ki - 00115. 
So, brighten up your child's day with these adorable rain items!

Rain Coats

Rain Coats

Ki-00100 Ballerina RaincoatKi-00100 Ballerina RaincoatShe will love dancing in the rain wearing her Ballerina Raincoat.  Recommended for ages 1 year and up.
Ki-00101 Space Hero RaincoatKi-00101 Space Hero RaincoatHis space adventure is just beginning when he wears this Raincoat.  Recommended for ages 1 year and up.
Ki-00102 Dinosaur RaincoatKi-00102 Dinosaur RaincoatYour little dinosaur will growl with delight when he wears this Raincoat.  Recommended for ages 1 year and up.
Ki-00104 Butterfly RaincoatKi-00104 Butterfly RaincoatShe will flutter her wings wearing this adorable Raincoat.  Recommended for ages 1 year and up.
Ki-00107 Fairy RaincoatKi-00107 Fairy RaincoatThis delightful Raincoat is sure to be a hit with your little fairy.  Recommended for ages 1 year and up.
Ki-00109 Fireman RaincoatKi-00109 Fireman RaincoatHe will have a great time putting out fires wearing this Raincoat.  Recommended for ages 1 year and up.
Ki-00111 Lady Bug RaincoatKi-00111 Lady Bug RaincoatShe will look cute as a ladybug in this adorable Raincoat.  Recommended for ages 1 year and up.
Ki-00112 Lotus Flower RaincoatKi-00112 Lotus Flower RaincoatShe will be a spring flower when she wears this beautiful Raincoat.
Ki-00113 Lucky Cat RaincoatKi-00113 Lucky Cat RaincoatShe will purr-r-r with delight when she wears this cute Raincoat.  Recommended for ages 1 year and up.
Ki-00114 Mermaid RaincoatKi-00114 Mermaid RaincoatShe will swim in the rain when she wears this Raincoat.  Recommended for ages 1 year and up.
Ki-00115 Pirate RaincoatKi-00115 Pirate RaincoatHey Matie, does anyone want to walk the plank?  Recommended for ages 1 year and up.
Ki-00118 Dragon Knight RaincoatKi-00118 Dragon Knight RaincoatHe will capture dragons while dashing through the rain.  Recommended for ages 1 year and up.
Ki-00121 Shark RaincoatKi-00121 Shark RaincoatWatch out, here I come!  Recommended for ages 1 year and up.
Rain Boots

Rain Boots

Ki-00200 Ballerina Rain BootsKi-00200 Ballerina Rain BootsShe will dance into your heart wearing these Ballerina Rain Boots. 
Ki-00201 Space Hero Rain BootsKi-00201 Space Hero Rain BootsHe will always be your Space Hero!
Ki-00202 Dinosaur Rain BootsKi-00202 Dinosaur Rain BootsHe will stalk the earth looking for Dinosaurs.
Ki-00204 Butterfly Rain BootsKi-00204 Butterfly Rain BootsShe will flutter on her tippy toes wearing these rain boots.
Ki-00207 Fairy Rain BootsKi-00207 Fairy Rain BootsShe will love walking in the rain wearing these Rain Boots.
Ki-00209 Fireman Rain BootsKi-00209 Fireman Rain BootsHe will put out all the fires wearing these Rain Boots.
Ki-00210 Frog Rain BootsKi-00210 Frog Rain BootsHe will hop in and out of puddles when he wears these Rain Boots.
Ki-00211 Lady Bug Rain BootsKi-00211 Lady Bug Rain BootsThis little ladybug is sure to be a hit wearing these Rain Boots.
Ki-00212 Lotus Flower Rain BootsKi-00212 Lotus Flower Rain BootsThese pastel Rain Boots are sure to make your little one bloom with delight.
Ki-00213 Lucky Cat Rain BootsKi-00213 Lucky Cat Rain BootsWhen she wears these cute Rain Boots she will purr-r-r with delight.
Ki-00214 Mermaid Rain BootsKi-00214 Mermaid Rain BootsShe will swim through the puddles when she wears these Rain Boots.
Ki-00215 Pirate Rain BootsKi-00215 Pirate Rain BootsHe will not walk the plank in these Rain Boots!
Ki-00218 Dragon Knight Rain BootsKi-00218 Dragon Knight Rain BootsThese "cool" Rain Boots are guaranteed to be the hit of your neighborhood.
Ki-00221 Shark Rain BootsKi-00221 Shark Rain BootsHe will scare away the little fish with these Rain Boots.


Ki-00300 Ballerina UmbrellaKi-00300 Ballerina UmbrellaYour little ballerina will dance in the rain with this adorable umbrella.
Ki-00301 Space Hero UmbrellaKi-00301 Space Hero UmbrellaHis make believe space ship is ready to blast off when he opens this umbrella.
Ki-00302 Dinosaur UmbrellaKi-00302 Dinosaur UmbrellaHe will have a great time pretending to be a dinosaur with this umbrella.
Ki-00304 Butterfly UmbrellaKi-00304 Butterfly UmbrellaShe will flutter her wings when she carries this Butterfly Umbrella.
Ki-00307 Fairy UmbrellaKi-00307 Fairy UmbrellaShe will have a great time pretending to be a Fairy when she carries this adorable umbrella.
Ki-00309 Fireman UmbrellaKi-00309 Fireman UmbrellaHe will have a super time putting our fires in the rain carrying this umbrella.
Ki-00310 Frog UmbrellaKi-00310 Frog UmbrellaHe can jump those puddles when he carries this Frog Umbrella.
Ki-00311 Lady Bug UmbrellaKi-00311 Lady Bug UmbrellaLadybug, Ladybug come out and play!
Ki-00312 Lotus Flower  UmbrellaKi-00312 Lotus Flower UmbrellaShe will feel as pretty as she looks when she carries this pastel Lotus Umbrella.
Ki-00313 Lucky Cat UmbrellaKi-00313 Lucky Cat UmbrellaShe will purr-r-r with delight when she carries her Lucky Cat Umbrella.
Ki-00314 Mermaid UmbrellaKi-00314 Mermaid UmbrellaShe will swim through the rain with her Mermaid Umbrella.
Ki-00315 Pirate UmbrellaKi-00315 Pirate UmbrellaA little rain won't bother this little Pirate.
Ki-00318 Bear UmbrellaKi-00318 Bear UmbrellaThis smiling bear is a great buddy to have in the rain.
Ki-00319 Dolphin UmbrellaKi-00319 Dolphin UmbrellaHe will swim through the puddles with his Dolphin Umbrella.
Ki-00321 Shark UmbrellaKi-00321 Shark UmbrellaEveryone will want to share his Shark Umbrella.
Ki-00322 Lion UmbrellaKi-00322 Lion UmbrellaThis little Lion will roar in the rain!
Ki-00323 Panda UmbrellaKi-00323 Panda UmbrellaThis little Panda Umbrella will be the hit of the neighborhood.
Ki-00324 Zebra UmbrellaKi-00324 Zebra UmbrellaThis little Zebra Umbrella has fun in the rain!
Ki-00325 Dragon Knight UmbrellaKi-00325 Dragon Knight UmbrellaYour little "knight"  will keep all the dragons away with this umbrella.
Ki-00328 Elephant UmbrellaKi-00328 Elephant UmbrellaWho says elephants aren't pink?
Ki-00329 Bee UmbrellaKi-00329 Bee UmbrellaEveryone will buzz around this Umbrella.
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