Winter Gear


Every child from pre-schooler to tween will love wearing these adorable knit items from Kidorable when it is cold outside.  The mittens, gloves, hats and scarves not only meet the needs of staying warm but will make your child SMILE when they wear them.



Ki-00128 Dragon Knight Knit HatKi-00128 Dragon Knight Knit HatHere comes the Dragon Knight!
Ki-00600 Ballerina Knit HatKi-00600 Ballerina Knit HatShe will dance through the winter wearing this hat.
Ki-00601 Space Hero Knit HatKi-00601 Space Hero Knit HatThe perfect hat for your little space man.
Ki-00602 Dinosaur Knit HatKi-00602 Dinosaur Knit HatHe will love wearing this Dinosaur Hat.
Ki-00603 Knit Hat ButterflyKi-00603 Knit Hat Butterfly
Ki-00604 Butterfly Knit HatKi-00604 Butterfly Knit HatShe will brighten up the day when she wears her Butterfly Hat.
Ki-00607 Fairy Knit HatKi-00607 Fairy Knit HatThis little Fairy Hat has hanging ties.
Ki-00609 Fireman Knit HatKi-00609 Fireman Knit HatYes, he is the Fire Chief!
Ki-00610 Frog Knit hatKi-00610 Frog Knit hatThis little Frog Hat will capture your heart.
Ki-00611 Lady Bug Knit HatKi-00611 Lady Bug Knit HatThis cheerful Ladybug Hat will make her smile!
Ki-00612 Lotus Knit HatKi-00612 Lotus Knit HatShe is as sweet and delicate as the Lotus Blossom.
Ki-00613 Bear Knit HatKi-00613 Bear Knit HatWarm and snuggly as a Bear in a rug.
Ki-00614 Mermaid Knit HatKi-00614 Mermaid Knit HatShe will swim through the cold weather with this hat.
Ki-00615 Pirate Knit HatKi-00615 Pirate Knit HatWatch out, here comes a Pirate!
Ki-00619 Girls Knit HatKi-00619 Girls Knit HatHer doll friends go everywhere with her.
Ki-00620 Hearts Knit HatKi-00620 Hearts Knit HatThis cheerful Hat will brighten up her day.
Ki-00621 Noah's Knit HatKi-00621 Noah's Knit HatHere come the animals!
Ki-00622 Sheep Knit HatKi-00622 Sheep Knit HatThis little Hat will help you count Sheep.
Ki-00623 Sports Knit HatKi-00623 Sports Knit HatThis Sports Hat will keep you warm on the playing field.
Ki-00624 Christmas Knit HatKi-00624 Christmas Knit HatOh, what fun it is to wear a Christmas Hat!


Ki-00701 Space Hero Knit ScarfKi-00701 Space Hero Knit ScarfThe perfect scarf to keep your Astronaut warm.
Ki-00702 Dinosaur Knit ScarfKi-00702 Dinosaur Knit ScarfHow many Dinosaurs do you see?
Ki-00704 Butterfly Knit ScarfKi-00704 Butterfly Knit ScarfLook at all the beautiful Butterflies on this Scarf.
Ki-00707 Fairy Knit ScarfKi-00707 Fairy Knit ScarfShe will look adorable wearing this Fairy Scarf.
Ki-00709 Fireman Knit ScarfKi-00709 Fireman Knit ScarfHe is your number 1 Fireman.
Ki-00710 Frog Knit ScarfKi-00710 Frog Knit ScarfWhat a cute green Frog Scarf!
Ki-007100 Ballerina Knit ScarfKi-007100 Ballerina Knit ScarfThis adorable Ballerina Scarf will keep her warm.
Ki-007104 Butterfly Knit ScafKi-007104 Butterfly Knit ScafShe will flutter her wings wearing this scarf.
Ki-00711 Lady Bug Knit ScarfKi-00711 Lady Bug Knit ScarfLadybugs are so cute!
Ki-00712 Lotus Knit ScarfKi-00712 Lotus Knit ScarfThis is a delicate pastel scarf.
Ki-00713 Bear Knit ScarfKi-00713 Bear Knit ScarfHe will look great wearing his Bear Scarf.
Ki-00714 Mermaid Knit ScarfKi-00714 Mermaid Knit ScarfA fun winter scarf to keep her warm.
Ki-00715 Pirate Knit ScarfKi-00715 Pirate Knit ScarfThis little Pirate is toasty warm!
Ki-00718 Dragon Knight Knit ScarfKi-00718 Dragon Knight Knit Scarf
Ki-00719 Girls Knit ScarfKi-00719 Girls Knit ScarfShe is pretty in pink.
Ki-00720 Hearts Knit ScarfKi-00720 Hearts Knit ScarfA colorful Scarf to wear with Heart.
Ki-00721 Noah's Knit ScarfKi-00721 Noah's Knit ScarfA warm Scarf.
Ki-00722 Sheep Knit ScarfKi-00722 Sheep Knit ScarfA cute Scarf to wear!
Ki-00723 Sports Knit ScarfKi-00723 Sports Knit ScarfA smart looking Sports Scarf for all occasions!
Ki-00724 Christmas Knit ScarfKi-00724 Christmas Knit ScarfThe perfect Scarf to wear for Christmas!


Ki-00500 Ballerina Knit GlovesKi-00500 Ballerina Knit GlovesA little smiley finger to brighten her day.
Ki-00501 Space Hero Knit GlovesKi-00501 Space Hero Knit GlovesHe will fly into space with these gloves.
Ki-00502 Dinosaur MittensKi-00502 Dinosaur MittensThese Dinosaur Mittens can also be used as puppets.
Ki-00504 Butterfly GlovesKi-00504 Butterfly GlovesWhat beautiful purple Butterfly Gloves!
Ki-00507 Fairy MittensKi-00507 Fairy MittensYour little Fairy will love wearing these Mittens.
Ki-00509 Fireman GlovesKi-00509 Fireman GlovesYour little Fireman will have fun playing with these Gloves!
Ki-00510 Frog MittensKi-00510 Frog MittensLet's play Leap Frog with these Mittens.
Ki-00511 Lady Bug MittensKi-00511 Lady Bug MittensLook, she has Ladybugs on her hands!
Ki-00512 Lotus MittensKi-00512 Lotus MittensShe has pretty Lotus Blossoms on her Mittens.
Ki-00513 Bear MittensKi-00513 Bear MittensHe will have warm hands with these Bear Mittens.
Ki-00514 Mermaid Knit GlovesKi-00514 Mermaid Knit GlovesEach little glove finger will make her Smile!
Ki-00515 Pirate GlovesKi-00515 Pirate GlovesArgh, these are great Pirate Gloves!
Ki-00518 Dragon Knight MittensKi-00518 Dragon Knight MittensHe will slay Dragons wearing these mittens.
Ki-00519 Girls GlovesKi-00519 Girls GlovesThese 10 little girl fingers will have a lot to talk about.
Ki-00520 Hearts GlovesKi-00520 Hearts GlovesThese colorful gloves are sure to win her heart!
Ki-00521 Noah's GlovesKi-00521 Noah's GlovesThese little fingers will go marching 2 by 2.
Ki-00522 Sheep GlovesKi-00522 Sheep GlovesHow many Sheep can you count?
Ki-00523 Sports GlovesKi-00523 Sports GlovesFor the Sports youngster in your family.
Ki-00524 Christmas GlovesKi-00524 Christmas GlovesHo, ho, ho, its Christmas!

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