Winter Gear

Every child from pre-schooler to tween will love wearing these adorable knit items from Kidorable when it is cold outside.  The mittens, gloves, hats and scarves not only meet the needs of staying warm but will make your child SMILE when they wear them.

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Ki - 00500  Ballerina Knitwear SetKi - 00500 Ballerina Knitwear SetYour little ballerina will dance through the cold weather wearing this set. 
Ki - 00501 Dinosaur Knitwear SetKi - 00501 Dinosaur Knitwear SetHe will love wearing this dinosaur knit set.
Ki - 00502 Space Hero  Knitwear SetKi - 00502 Space Hero Knitwear SetThe Space Hero will want to wear this knit set.
Ki - 00509 Fireman Knitwear SetKi - 00509 Fireman Knitwear SetHe will have fun acting like a fireman.
Ki - 00510 Frog Knitwear SetKi - 00510 Frog Knitwear SetHe will jump through the winter wearing this knit set.
Ki - 00511 Ladybug Knitwear SetKi - 00511 Ladybug Knitwear SetThis Ladybug knit set is so-o-o cute!
Ki - 00512 Lotus flower Knitwear SetKi - 00512 Lotus flower Knitwear SetA pretty knit set to wear in the winter.
Ki - 00514 Mermaid Knitwear SetKi - 00514 Mermaid Knitwear SetShe will swim through the cold wearing this knit set.
Ki - 00515 Pirate Knitwear setKi - 00515 Pirate Knitwear setThe perfect knit set for your little Pirate!
Ki - 00518 Dragon Knight Knitwear SetKi - 00518 Dragon Knight Knitwear SetThe perfect knitwear for slaying a dragon.
Ki - 00520 Hearts Knitwear SetKi - 00520 Hearts Knitwear SetEveryone loves to wear hearts!
Ki - 00522 Sheep Knitwear SetKi - 00522 Sheep Knitwear SetYour little lamb will count their sheep!
Ki - 00525 Lucky Cat Knitwear SetKi - 00525 Lucky Cat Knitwear SetShe will pur-r-r with delight wearing this knit set.
Ki -00507 Fairy Knitwear SetKi -00507 Fairy Knitwear SetShe will love wearing this fairy knit set.
Ki -00521  Noahs Ark Knitwear SetKi -00521 Noahs Ark Knitwear SetA great collection of animals on this knit set!
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