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Highlight your personal style with these pre-cut wallpaper designs, shag rugs, bins to hold pencils, lipstick, etc., mirror, dry erase white board, clock, decorative flowers and motion activated CHANDELIER.  Brighten your day with these great mix and match pieces to create your own look.  These easy to attach pieces are designed to fit inside the school locker with magnets (that are included), there are no adhesives.  Everything is reusable and moveable and made to fit a standard size school locker (12" x 18" x 36"), they can easily adjust to fit smaller lockers.  You, too, can have a cool locker!

LL-LCU 179 Magnetic Fashion Curtain: White-Lime DotsLL-LCU 179 Magnetic Fashion Curtain: White-Lime DotsA cute little addition to your locker.  NOTE:  Color is actually Lime Green.
LL-LF-GR-20 Jeweled Flower Magnet: Lime GreenLL-LF-GR-20 Jeweled Flower Magnet: Lime GreenThis Magnetic Lime Green Flower will add a little zip to your home, school and office decorating.
LL-LF-PK-22 Jeweled Flower Magnet: PinkLL-LF-PK-22 Jeweled Flower Magnet: PinkThis beautiful Pink Magnetic Flower will add that special touch to your school, home or office.
LL-LF-PU-26 Jeweled Flower Magnet: PurpleLL-LF-PU-26 Jeweled Flower Magnet: PurpleWow, is what everyone will say when they see this beautiful Magnetic Purple Flower.
LL-LLS1000 Pink w White Pattern PaperLL-LLS1000 Pink w White Pattern PaperShe will love this Pink Chevron Wallpaper. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
LL-LLS1001 Green Stripe PaperLL-LLS1001 Green Stripe PaperA fun locker Wallpaper with Green Stripes.
LL-LLS1002  White w Blue Dot PaperLL-LLS1002 White w Blue Dot PaperThe perfect Wallpaper for her school locker.
LL-LLS1003  Purple w White Scroll PaperLL-LLS1003 Purple w White Scroll PaperEveryone will love this purple Locker Wallpaper.
LL-LLS1004 Black w Aqua Filligree PaperLL-LLS1004 Black w Aqua Filligree PaperA dramatic look for a school locker. 
LL-LLS1005 Leopard PaperLL-LLS1005 Leopard PaperA great look for the pur-r-r-rfect "diva" look. 
LL-LLS1006 Black Zebra PaperLL-LLS1006 Black Zebra PaperEveryone loves the black and white Zebra print. 
LL-LLS1016 Black w White Dot BinLL-LLS1016 Black w White Dot BinPerfect for the sophisticated young lady.
LL-LLS1017 Black Zebra BinLL-LLS1017 Black Zebra BinEveryone loves the black and white Zebra bin. 
LL-LLS1019 Leopard BinLL-LLS1019 Leopard BinThe perfect bin for the animal lover. 
LL-LLS1021 Green FlowerLL-LLS1021 Green FlowerEveryone needs a flower in their locker.
LL-LLS1023 Purple FlowerLL-LLS1023 Purple FlowerShe will love this Purple Peony Flower.
LL-LLS1039 Black Zebra MirrorLL-LLS1039 Black Zebra MirrorA great locker mirror for all the Zebra lovers. 
LL-LLS1040 Leopard MirrorLL-LLS1040 Leopard MirrorThe perfect mirror for the animal lover. 
LL-LLS1053 Pink Battery Operated Hanging Lamp w Motion DetetorLL-LLS1053 Pink Battery Operated Hanging Lamp w Motion DetetorShe will love this Pink Chandelier. 
LL-LM 154 Magnetic Fashion Mirror: Purple-White DotsLL-LM 154 Magnetic Fashion Mirror: Purple-White DotsThe perfect touch to her locker. 
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