Ice Packs

These fun ice packs Stephen Joseph and Crocodile Creek are perfect for keeping food and drink items cool during the day.  The designs match lunch bags/boxes, drink bottles, food containers and backpacks for a great look. They can also be used on "ouch-ies" to put a smile on your little ones face. 
Crocodile Creek Ice Packs

Crocodile Creek Ice Packs

CR6521-9 Fairy Ice Packs (set of 2 pieces)CR6521-9 Fairy Ice Packs (set of 2 pieces)Her "ouch-ies" will feel much better with this Fairy Ice Pack.   ****Recommended for 3yrs and up****  
CR6522-9 Vehicles Ice Packs (set of 2 pieces)CR6522-9 Vehicles Ice Packs (set of 2 pieces)A great Vehicle Ice Pack to take to school.  ****Recommended for 3yrs and up****
CR6523-1 Alien Ice Packs (set of 2 pieces)CR6523-1 Alien Ice Packs (set of 2 pieces)Watch out Aliens here we come!   ****Recommended for 3yrs and up**** 

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