SuperME Products

The superhero backpacks and messenger bags were created by two super moms.  They believe that every child is a superhero.  Parents love these SuperME bags because they are lightweight, naturally insulating, machine washable and water resistant.  

Kids love SuperME's fun features such as the built-in superhero capes and coordinating eye masks and convertible superhero utility belts.  Every child is a superhero!
SM - BP1  Classic Cape BackpackSM - BP1 Classic Cape BackpackA fun Cape Backpack for your little one! 
SM - BP2 Ninja Cape BackpackSM - BP2 Ninja Cape BackpackYour little one will fly to school with this Cape Backpack. 
SM - BP3  Naturalist Cape BackpackSM - BP3 Naturalist Cape BackpackYour little nature lover will fly through the air with this Cape Backpack. 
SM - BP4  Bubblicious Cape BackpackSM - BP4 Bubblicious Cape BackpackShe will love wearing this "SuperME" backpack .
SM - BP5 Urbanista Cape BackpackLet their imagination soar wearing this Cape Backpack.
SM - BP6 Camo Cape BackpackSM - BP6 Camo Cape BackpackHe will love wearing this Camo Backpack! 
SM - BP7 Zebra Cape BackpackSM - BP7 Zebra Cape BackpackShe will feel like the super girl she is wearing this backpack! 
SM - MES1  Classic Convertible Messenger BagSM - MES1 Classic Convertible Messenger BagA great 2-in-1 Messenger Bag for lunch and/or accessories.
SM - MES2  Ninja Convertible Messenger BagSM - MES2 Ninja Convertible Messenger BagA great Messenger Bag for your young Ninja.
SM - MES3  Naturalist Convertible Messenger BagSM - MES3 Naturalist Convertible Messenger BagThis is the perfect lunch box for your nature lover.
SM - MES4  Bubblicious  Convertible Messenger BagSM - MES4 Bubblicious Convertible Messenger BagShe will love carrying her own "SuperMe" Messenger Bag.
SM - MES5 Urbanista Convertible Messenger BagSM - MES5 Urbanista Convertible Messenger BagAll Superheroes need Superhero Lunch Bags!

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