NSG 640 Dirty Pig Card Game
NSG 640 Dirty Pig Card Game
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Each player has 3-5 clean pigs in front of him/her and three cards in their hand.  One card is played at each turn.  When a "Dirty Your Pig" card is played, one pig can be sent into the mud.  One of the pig cards in front of you is flipped over to show a dirty pig on the back.  Rain cards clean all pigs, even your own!  Barn cards protect your pig from the rain, while lightning cards destroy the barn--but lightning rod cards protect barns from lightning cards.  Farmer cards are played to dirty someone else's pigs; the farmer likes clean pigs.  Pigs in a barn that are protected with a barn door are safe from the farmer.  A pig in a barn, with a door, and a lightning rod, is completely protected.  The first player who dirties all of his pigs wins!  The cards are all stored in a "PIG-tastically" unique and cute pig pouch.  Recommended for ages 6 years and up.
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