Kidorable Mittens/Gloves
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Ki-00500 Ballerina Knit GlovesKi-00500 Ballerina Knit GlovesA little smiley finger to brighten her day.
Ki-00501 Space Hero Knit GlovesKi-00501 Space Hero Knit GlovesHe will fly into space with these gloves.
Ki-00502 Dinosaur MittensKi-00502 Dinosaur MittensThese Dinosaur Mittens can also be used as puppets.
Ki-00504 Butterfly GlovesKi-00504 Butterfly GlovesWhat beautiful purple Butterfly Gloves!
Ki-00507 Fairy MittensKi-00507 Fairy MittensYour little Fairy will love wearing these Mittens.
Ki-00509 Fireman GlovesKi-00509 Fireman GlovesYour little Fireman will have fun playing with these Gloves!
Ki-00510 Frog MittensKi-00510 Frog MittensLet's play Leap Frog with these Mittens.
Ki-00511 Lady Bug MittensKi-00511 Lady Bug MittensLook, she has Ladybugs on her hands!
Ki-00512 Lotus MittensKi-00512 Lotus MittensShe has pretty Lotus Blossoms on her Mittens.
Ki-00513 Bear MittensKi-00513 Bear MittensHe will have warm hands with these Bear Mittens.
Ki-00514 Mermaid Knit GlovesKi-00514 Mermaid Knit GlovesEach little glove finger will make her Smile!
Ki-00515 Pirate GlovesKi-00515 Pirate GlovesArgh, these are great Pirate Gloves!
Ki-00518 Dragon Knight MittensKi-00518 Dragon Knight MittensHe will slay Dragons wearing these mittens.
Ki-00519 Girls GlovesKi-00519 Girls GlovesThese 10 little girl fingers will have a lot to talk about.
Ki-00520 Hearts GlovesKi-00520 Hearts GlovesThese colorful gloves are sure to win her heart!
Ki-00521 Noah's GlovesKi-00521 Noah's GlovesThese little fingers will go marching 2 by 2.
Ki-00522 Sheep GlovesKi-00522 Sheep GlovesHow many Sheep can you count?
Ki-00523 Sports GlovesKi-00523 Sports GlovesFor the Sports youngster in your family.
Ki-00524 Christmas GlovesKi-00524 Christmas GlovesHo, ho, ho, its Christmas!

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