Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

1)  No drug or drug paraphernalia, alcohol, health/energy drinks, bulk/bottled water, soft drinks, wine, popcorn/kettle corn or food (other than small samples) to be consumed on show premises are allowed.
2)  No complimentary food, gum or candy is allowed in your booth.
3)  Electric saws, power tools, television sets and equipment used in demonstrations must be approved in ADVANCE of the show. 
4)  Head sets are not allowed for demonstrations.
5)  No burning of candles or any open flames.
6)  No smoking in the building.
7)  Music played in an exhibitor's booth should not be audible in surroundings booths or aisles.
8)  Only Service Animals under the ADA are allowed. Service Animals must be harnessed, leashed or tethered.
9)  Children are the responsibility of the parents and are not allowed to run around in the show.
10)Solicitation of forthcoming shows by other promoters is not allowed.
11)Exhibitors must tape down all electric cords on the floor for everyone's protection.

1)  No canopies or tent covers of any type are allowed.
2)  All hanging items must be inside your booth. Do not hang things on the pipe/drape poles.
3)  All display equipment and merchandise must be within the exact boundaries of your booth.
4)  No Sub-Leasing, Selling or Sharing your booth space to someone else.
5)  No mark downs or crossed out price tags allowed. "Show Special" signs are allowed.
6)  All tables must be skirted to the floor.
7)  Booths must be open for business and manned every day during show hours.  
8)  The Fire Marshal requires all table coverings and decorations to be non-flammable materials.  Exhibitors must obey all city and state regulations.
1)  Each 10' x 10' booth will have 8' high skirting on 3 sides.
2)  The merchants structural (grid) height of each booth cannot exceed 10'. 
3)  Booth space is assigned on a first come category basis.
4)  Print a copy of your Booth Contract for your records (contract will not be mailed to you).
5)  Booth assignments will not be changed after assignments are published.
6)  Show Hours are printed on the back of your name tag.
7)  The building will be open 1 hour before and 1 hour after show hours every day for booth maintenance.
8)  There is 24 hour Security for the show.

1)  Receiving and/or sending of merchandise is the responsibility of the exhibitor.
2)  All booths must be fully stocked for selling at the show or taking custom orders.
3)  Use Exit Doors for re-stocking merchandise during the show.
4)  Exhibitors must collect Oklahoma Sales Tax on all sales. 

1)  All food products must have INSURANCE VERIFICATION AND LICENSED BY CITY AND COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENTS of the appropriate state and approved by the fairgrounds.  Copies of all permits must be submitted to show management 45 DAYS BEFORE THE START (1ST DAY) OF THE SHOW.. 
2)  All food items must be pre-packaged to elimate consumption on show premises. They must be in 16 oz. bulk factory sealed, unopened container processed from a manufacturer with FDA labels.
3)  SELLING FOOD ITEMS IN zip lock baggies, twist tie packaging, etc will not be allowed.

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