Kidorable Hats
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Ki-00128 Dragon Knight Knit HatKi-00128 Dragon Knight Knit HatHere comes the Dragon Knight!
Ki-00600 Ballerina Knit HatKi-00600 Ballerina Knit HatShe will dance through the winter wearing this hat.
Ki-00601 Space Hero Knit HatKi-00601 Space Hero Knit HatThe perfect hat for your little space man.
Ki-00602 Dinosaur Knit HatKi-00602 Dinosaur Knit HatHe will love wearing this Dinosaur Hat.
Ki-00603 Knit Hat ButterflyKi-00603 Knit Hat Butterfly
Ki-00604 Butterfly Knit HatKi-00604 Butterfly Knit HatShe will brighten up the day when she wears her Butterfly Hat.
Ki-00607 Fairy Knit HatKi-00607 Fairy Knit HatThis little Fairy Hat has hanging ties.
Ki-00609 Fireman Knit HatKi-00609 Fireman Knit HatYes, he is the Fire Chief!
Ki-00610 Frog Knit hatKi-00610 Frog Knit hatThis little Frog Hat will capture your heart.
Ki-00611 Lady Bug Knit HatKi-00611 Lady Bug Knit HatThis cheerful Ladybug Hat will make her smile!
Ki-00612 Lotus Knit HatKi-00612 Lotus Knit HatShe is as sweet and delicate as the Lotus Blossom.
Ki-00613 Bear Knit HatKi-00613 Bear Knit HatWarm and snuggly as a Bear in a rug.
Ki-00614 Mermaid Knit HatKi-00614 Mermaid Knit HatShe will swim through the cold weather with this hat.
Ki-00615 Pirate Knit HatKi-00615 Pirate Knit HatWatch out, here comes a Pirate!
Ki-00619 Girls Knit HatKi-00619 Girls Knit HatHer doll friends go everywhere with her.
Ki-00620 Hearts Knit HatKi-00620 Hearts Knit HatThis cheerful Hat will brighten up her day.
Ki-00621 Noah's Knit HatKi-00621 Noah's Knit HatHere come the animals!
Ki-00622 Sheep Knit HatKi-00622 Sheep Knit HatThis little Hat will help you count Sheep.
Ki-00623 Sports Knit HatKi-00623 Sports Knit HatThis Sports Hat will keep you warm on the playing field.
Ki-00624 Christmas Knit HatKi-00624 Christmas Knit HatOh, what fun it is to wear a Christmas Hat!

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